The beauty in ugly

”Today was the first day on my Yoga pregnancy teacher training course. As a woman, I feel that I have an obligation to learn the intricacies of such a wonderful life experience. The changes that may occur in the physical and mental body. How the capacity of ones heart starts to expand beyond what they knew to…

Breakfast Banana fritters

This morning after an 1.30hrs practice, I was hungrier than usual but didn’t know what I wanted to eat. Often when this happens, I go into the kitchen for inspiration and end up making something that Ive not made before. Usually, Ill have to pop to the market or shops for at least one ingredient….

The perfect winter warmer: Mini sweet Potato pies

Originally, I ordered 2 large organic sweet potatoes with my shop. They notified us that they were spoilt so they sent approximately 12 at a later date for the same price. Talk about a good will gesture?! I incorporated these into so many dishes but I’m sure you can imagine, 12 is quite a lot!…

Why you should stock up on garlic during winter.

Its cold/flu season here in the UK, where we get reminders from our doctors to take our ‘flu jabs’  *rolls eyes* What if I told you that there are natural remedies far more effective against colds and flu? Infact, ill tell you about my all time favourite…GARLIC!! Here are some of the reasons supported by…

A little bit about me.

Growing up, I was always quite a peculiar child. From my inquisitive mind, the films I liked watching, my dress sense, to the foods which I enjoyed eating. I was rarely in uniform with my peers and thankfully this is not something I wished would change. My mother often tells me stories from my youth….